Experience the magic of camp at Brigadoon Village.

With our charitable partners, we offer the magic of camp to over 3,500 children & youth at the nearly 30 camp programs we host throughout the year.

Brigadoon (noun)

Brig·​a·​doon | \ ˌbri-gə-ˈdün : a place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality.

Brigadoon is the first facility of its kind in Atlantic Canada and is now one of the largest pediatric medical camps in Canada.

We believe that every child, regardless of the life challenges they face, should have the opportunity to experience the transformational and therapeutic effects of camp. That’s why we strive to develop condition-specific camps that not only meet the medical needs of our campers but are also the most fun you can pack into a week!

Read below to learn more about our camp philosophy, what to expect at camp & what types of camps we’re offering in 2024.

Our Camp Philosophy

Each camp offered at Brigadoon is designed so that children living with the same illness or life challenge attend a camp specifically tailored for those living with their needs.

While at Brigadoon, our campers share experiences and create special friendships with other children going through the same challenges. By providing this environment, the kids who attend Brigadoon no longer feel different or alone because of their diagnosis. Many are meeting others who are just like them for the first time. Sharing and bonding with another child with the same life challenge can be powerfully therapeutic.

We focus on building meaningful connections and sending our campers home stronger, more confident, and armed with new skills they can be proud of. Read more about the benefits of camp here.

What To Expect At Camp

Campers become part of a welcoming, judgement-free, and fun-focused environment when they arrive at The Village.

Campers bunk together in cabins with campers of similar ages, with plenty of opportunities to get to know one another during group activities but also with lots of space to curl up with a book for some quiet time. A counsellor is assigned to each cabin group and will be nearby 24/7 to ensure campers are safe and having fun!

We love food at Brigadoon and foster healthy & happy relationships with food for campers. Meals are prepared for campers by our Executive Chef and her team in a state-of-the-art kitchen; they’re delicious and tailored to the nutritional needs of campers and their health conditions. We eat family-style in our dining hall and use each meal as an opportunity to bond, share, and laugh.

What Campers Will Do

A lot of thought and intention goes into every activity campers participate in throughout each day, but what they experience is having incredible fun! We aim for campers to develop in 5 ways during their stay with us: confidence, compassion, independence, resilience, and connection.

Each day offers a mix of planned activities, and activities campers can participate in. Activities such as cooking & baking, super messy crafts, outdoor adventures, archery, drama, swimming, and boating are part of a camper’s everyday experience.

Activities are punctuated by healthy meals and plenty of time to socialize or explore. We end each day together telling stories together at the heart of camp – campfire.

It Takes a Village

Our powerhouse team of professionals has your child’s best interest at the heart of everything they do.

Our counsellors are trained in managing your camper’s safety, running engaging programs, and helping to pack every day full of laughs and opportunities to grow. Certified lifeguards are with campers at all times during water activities.

Our fully licensed medical team manages our on-site Medical Center at camp to dispense medication and provide treatment. Campers can visit our medical team for care (or comfort) anytime.

Our kitchen team works with clinical dieticians to ensure each meal meets the needs of our condition-specific camps and each camper.

We appreciate you trusting us to care for your child during their stay with us, and we take great pride in hiring the best people to do so.

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