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May 19
21, 2023

Our Teen Camp is open to campers ages 13-18 from various summer camp programs. When camp worlds collide, it provides older campers with a different perspective on themselves and others. At this camp, teens will have the opportunity to:

  • Create connections with other campers and make new friends.
  • Socialize at camp with an older group of peers.
  • Learn about different chronic illnesses and conditions that our campers are living with.
  • Challenge themselves by trying new activities designed for campers to recognize their leadership potential.
  • Learn to take ownership of administering their medications.
  • Participate in all the regular camp programs like Visual Arts, Outdoor Rec, Campfires etc.

To have a beneficial camp experience and build on their independence and leadership skills, teens should be able to manage their own medical care with support and reminders from our on-site medical team.