School Groups

The interactive and exciting nature of school programs at Brigadoon Village engages students in intentionally designed learning experiences that give them the opportunity for interpersonal and intrapersonal growth and development. Students will be given opportunities to try new challenges and push themselves outside of their comfort zones while making decisions to help the group achieve a common goal. The school program is designed to highlight group processes and principles and transfer the learning back to the classroom and their everyday lives.


Students will be given opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities in small groups. Activities might include archery, fire building, nature interpretation, initiatives, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, arts and crafts, Compass orienteering and more!


At Brigadoon, we eat 6 times a day. Meals are an important part of the Brigadoon Program and students are given the opportunity to share among their peers and reflect on the day. Every meal is prepared by our amazing kitchen team under the guidance of our Red Seal Executive Chef, Dianne. We customize our menus to meet participants’ dietary requirements and allergies so everyone is able to enjoy similar meals. Our Site is nut and shellfish aware but our team can meet any dietary need out there!

Programs and Rates

All proceeds from Outdoor Centre bookings help support our Summer Camps for children and youth living with a health condition or other life challenges.

Brigadoon Village offers a range of different program options at a discounted rate for school group programs to design a program that gives the students the best opportunity to learn and grow. Rates may be adjusted slightly depending on the trip length and requirements of the program. Click here to view our 2022 Fee Structure.

Teacher Resources

Before booking a trip, please review the following documents. They will explain the expectations and the roles of each of the people involved in contributing to the success of the program as well as a waiver that you will collect from each person involved.

Lead Teacher Information

This document is for you. It provides the required steps to be taken in order to book your trip from start to finish. It also provides you with material to prepare your class, your teacher/chaperone team and the parents/guardians of the students.

Teacher/Chaperone Information

There must be at least 1 teacher/chaperone for every 12 students on the trip.

Parent/Guardian Information

This document also includes the packing list of suggested items.