How Much Does it Cost To Attend Camp?

Brigadoon Village Camp Pricing

Pay What You Can*

One week of summer camp at Brigadoon costs $1,300.  This amount includes costs for medical staff, counsellors, medical equipment, meals, accommodations, supplies and programming materials.

However, we understand the financial strain that raising a child with a health condition or life challenge can have on a family, which means that every family has a different ability to cover the costs of camp.

Therefore, we have developed a PAY WHAT YOU CAN fee structure so families can choose a price that works best for them. All children will have the same experience no matter the amount that their family contributes.

No camper in Atlantic Canada will ever be turned away due to their financial situation.

*This information applies to all camps except for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Camp Goodtimes which is fully funded by the Canadian Cancer Society and Camp JoinTogether which is fully funded by the Arthritis Society.

Payment Options

We accept cheques, credit cards (VISA or MasterCard) or e-transfers as payment options. Payment schedules are also possible. We ask that fees be submitted before your child arrives at camp.

Did You Know?

You can claim Brigadoon’s summer camp fee as a child care expense on your personal income tax under Line 214, “camps where lodging is involved” (read the note in Part A of Form T778, Child Care Expenses Deduction). You can read more information here.