Summer Camp Staff


Who We’re Looking For

At Brigadoon, we’re looking for enthusiastic, hard-working candidates committed to delivering a positive, impactful experience to our campers. Our staff members are committed to constant growth and improvement and find new and exciting ways to do their jobs even more effectively daily. Our team members are compassionate, kind, patient, thoughtful and not afraid to be silly!  

No camp experience? No problem! We will teach you everything you need to know to be an incredible role model for our campers and to give them a meaningful experience, as long as you’re ready to jump in and learn! We are looking to hire a staff team whose skills, strengths, and backgrounds are as diverse as our campers to build a strong community.

Why Work at Brigadoon?

In summer at Brigadoon, you will likely work harder than ever. It is exhausting work. You will, however, know without a doubt at the end of every single day that you’ve made a positive impact in the lives of our campers. We know that our staff members are an integral part of making our summer successful and ensuring the best possible experience and growth for each of our campers. We strive to provide that each of our staff members is thriving in an environment where they feel supported and their individual needs are met. We focus on the growth of each of our staff members, ensuring that each team member has an impactful summer experience which will continue to be rewarding long after the summer has ended.

While working with us, you will be part of a team of passionate change-makers who are among the kindest, silliest, most energetic and most enthusiastic people you will ever meet. You’ll also meet a hugely diverse group of amazing kids who will have just as much to teach you. You’ll have the incredible privilege of sending these brave kids home as even better versions of themselves. You’ll laugh and smile more than you ever thought possible, even while falling into your bed exhausted every night.

While you’ll have an enriching and fun summer, you’ll also develop skills that will make you a strong candidate in your future career path. We’ll help you develop strong leadership and communication skills, allow you to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and ensure that you leave with the skills to work with a broad range of people as part of a strong team. A summer at camp will make you more flexible, adaptable, and organized, helping to put you at the top of your game, regardless of your future goals.

What Does Working at Brigadoon for a Summer Look Like?

  • We hire a team of 40 staff members for the summer, comprising new and returning staff in a wide range of positions.
  • The minimum age to work as a member of our staff team is 18 years old, though since our campers can attend until they are 18, we often prefer that our staff start at 19.
  • Our contracts for Counsellor/Programmer positions run from June 17th August 24th, 2024. We hire our staff for the full summer rather than on a weekly or monthly basis. For our more senior positions (which we refer to as Support Staff,) the start dates are earlier.
  • Our staff members live on-site for the entirety of the contract, with the freedom to come and go on the weekends between sessions.
  • Living accommodations and (delicious) food are provided for the full summer.
  • Our sessions run from Sunday to Friday, meaning that staff have Friday evening and all day Saturday off.
  • All of our staff take part in a thorough staff training process before the beginning of the summer season. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to be successful before campers arrive!
  • Our staff members work full days, caring for and running programs for campers from around 7:00 am – 11:00 pm.
  • You can read more information here on our FAQ page.
  • Interested in joining us for our spring or fall seasons, as well? Click here to learn more!

Current Opportunities 

Applications for Summer Staff positions for 2024 will be open from January 2nd – February 2nd.


Cabin Lead

Program Coordinator

Camper Care Director

Program Director