Junior Counsellor Program

Why this Program?

We know that our campers are the ones who love camp the most and who are the most invested in getting involved when they are old enough. We love when former campers can come back and join us as volunteers or staff members. However, the camper experience of camp is very different from the staff/volunteer experience of camp, so this transition can be a difficult one. We want to set our former campers up for success in getting more involved, so this program will give campers a chance to learn some of the skills required to be successful in a volunteer or staff role. It will also give Brigadoon staff a chance to see them demonstrate these skills in context, which will help us to help them grow and determine if they’ll be a good fit for a staff/volunteer role in future.

Who is Eligible?

Campers will be eligible for this program the summer after they have graduated high school (also the last summer they are eligible to come to camp as a camper). However, campers are welcome to finish their last summer as a camper and apply for this program in the following year.

Participants may not attend camp as a camper and complete the Junior Counsellor program during the same year.

Participants may not complete the Junior Counsellor program and apply to be a volunteer during the same year.

New for 2021

In order to adapt to the increased restrictions surrounding our programs in 2021, we have determined that the details of our Junior Counsellor Program will be as follows:

  • The training portion of the program will take place virtually. We will offer training to prepare Junior Counsellors during the month of June, likely during the evenings in order to work around busy schedules. We will confirm these dates well in advance to ensure that participants are able to take time off of work and other commitments. Training will be mandatory, though some exceptions may be possible if a participant will need to miss a single training session, etc.
  • This year, the service portion of the program will take place over one week, spent in person at Brigadoon. We will give participants a choice of which weeks they prefer, but wherever possible, we will prefer that participants not join us during the week they have typically come as a camper. Have a look at our list of camp dates to determine which weeks might fit best with your schedule.
  • Due to a limited capacity on site this year, we will have a limited number of spots for this program in 2021, but will encourage those not selected to apply again in future!
  • Applications for this program will open as of April 1st, 2021.