Summer Leadership Program


July 3
July 8
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Exact dates of this camp have not yet been determined, but it will take place during the week of July 3.

This Leadership Program will give campers aged 15-18 a chance to experience camp through the lens of being a leader within the Brigadoon community. Campers will learn skills that will help them to succeed as leaders within our community, as well as within their own community. Campers will also have an opportunity to get more actively involved in Brigadoon and to give back to camp as a whole.

During this pre-camp training session, campers will participate in a program that will focus on the skills required to be an effective, intentional leader within our camp community. Training sessions will cover skills such as behaviour management, mentorship skills, and program facilitation skills, among others.

Campers will then join us during their own condition-specific week as a Leadership Camper. Though campers will have an opportunity to take part in our program areas like they normally would, the focus of this week of camp will be to get more involved in camp and to apply the skills learned during their Training Week. Campers should be prepared to take on a leadership role at camp, including:

  • Setting up/cleaning up camp programs
  • Assisting in cabin groups during mealtimes and at bedtime
  • Assisting a programmer in running a Pursuit for the week
  • Taking responsibility for running a campfire, evening program, and other camp activities as appropriate.

Campers will be expected to assist staff members in the behind-the-scenes aspects of camp and will gain a greater understanding of what is required to run a successful camp program.

Who We’re Looking For
This program is separate and distinct from our off-season Teen/Leadership retreats (Winter Teen Retreat and March Break). Having attended one of these events does not necessarily mean that the camper will be accepted to the new Pilot Program. The requirements, expectations, and age limits of these two programs are different.
In order to be a good candidate for this pilot program, we are looking for campers who:

  • Are hardworking
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Are able to effectively manage the majority of their own care
  • Are mature
  • Are willing to help out in any way necessary (some tasks assigned will not be the most fun!)
  • Are kind and compassionate
  • Are interested in giving back to Brigadoon and helping our campers to have a positive camp experience 

How to Apply
Campers will register separately for this Leadership Program and will be required to fill out a supplementary leadership application, answering questions related to their skills, abilities, and reasons for wanting to be involved in the leadership program.

Camper applications will be assessed and spots will be offered based on the discretion of the Brigadoon Leadership Team. Campers will be offered places in the program based on suitability for the program, as determined by the Brigadoon Leadership Team.

Camp Silly-Yak campers who wish to take part can reach out and we will make some adjustments to ensure they are able to participate!

We are committed to running this program and developing the skills of our campers during the 2022 season. As public health guidelines develop, we will have further information about when the Training portion of the program will take place and how it will be delivered.


July 3
July 8
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