July 21
26, 2024

Camp BELIEVE is an overnight summer camp for children and youth aged 9-18 impacted by a parent or guardian’s mental illness.

Mental illness does not discriminate. It impacts people of all ages, genders, races and economic backgrounds. Parents/guardians who struggle with mental health concerns may worry about their illness’s impact on their children. Camp BELIEVE is a place where kids can create meaningful connections with others who have similar family experiences, try a wide range of camp activities, and build valuable skills that will help them succeed outside of camp. All of this takes place during a week full of exceptional fun!

Campers will discuss their parent/guardian’s mental illness, learn about mental health, and develop healthy coping skills to take home with them. To benefit from this camp experience, campers should be willing and able to participate in these discussions and skill-development sessions.

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia partners with Brigadoon to make Camp BELIEVE possible.