Our Camp Staff

What does working at Brigadoon for a summer look like?

  • We hire a team of 30 staff members for the summer, comprising of new and returning staff in a wide range of positions.
  • The minimum age to work as a member of our staff team is 18 years old.
  • We require a full summer commitment (from the middle of June to the end of August, with extra time required for our more senior positions).
  • Our staff members live on-site for the entirety of the contract.
  • Living accommodations and (delicious) food are provided for the duration of the contract.
  • Our sessions run from Sunday to Friday, meaning that staff have Friday evening and all day Saturday off.
  • All of our staff take part in a thorough staff training process prior to the beginning of the summer season.
  • Our staff members work full days, caring for our and running programs for our campers from about 7:00 am – 11:00 pm.

Why work at Brigadoon?

In a summer at Brigadoon, you will likely work harder than you ever have before. It is exhausting work. You will, however, know without a doubt at the end of every single day that you’ve made a positive impact in the lives of our campers. We are committed to the growth and development of every single one of our campers and will work hard to make sure that you are growing every day, week, and season as well while you are employed with us.

While working with us, you will get to be part of a team of passionate change-makers who are among the kindest, silliest, most energetic and enthusiastic people you will ever meet. You’ll also meet a hugely diverse group of amazing kids who will have just as much to teach you. You’ll have the incredible privilege of sending these brave kids home as even better versions of themselves. You’ll laugh and smile more than you ever thought possible, even while you’re falling into your bed exhausted every night.

Summer Staff Positions

Program Director
Camper Care Director
Program Logistics Coordinator
Camper Logistics Coordinator
Special Programs Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Leadership Coordinator
Head Counsellor
Camp Nurse

Applications have closed for summer 2020 staff opportunities. To volunteer at Brigadoon this summer click here.

What our staff have to say

“The staff has become a second family to me, and continue to amaze me with their unwavering support every day. I’m so blessed to work alongside a group of people who dance as often as they sleep, and who fill my life with laughter and positive energy. That being said, it’s not hard to be so happy all the time, when you get to spend every day with such an inspiring group of children. Even though our campers come together because of an illness or condition, it’s their spirit and attitude that make Brigadoon such a magical place.”

“Though our staff, who quickly become a wonderful and quirky family, spend most of our time having a blast with kids, we also accept a huge responsibility each day. We understand that every minute with a camper is an opportunity to make an impact – to build a relationship, encourage a friendship, or be that listening adult a camper may not have at home.”

“I’m now more comfortable with who I am and what I am passionate about. I have been taught the true meaning of compassion and empathy and understand what hard work really means. I can also now eat spaghetti with no utensils and fit an entire month’s worth of activities into a single morning.”