The Brigadoon Village Believers Program

Leaving a legacy through planned giving.

Planned giving is a thoughtful way to create your legacy while also helping Atlantic Canda’s youth who face chronic health conditions or life challenges have an opportunity to experience a week free of stress, isolation, and treatments, now and for many years to come.

Legacy gifts can take many forms including bequests, real estate, stock/securities, Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs), Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), and life insurance policies.

For example, the gift of life insurance is an affordable way to make a significant impact on the lives of our campers. There are several methods of donating life insurance policies including naming the organization as the beneficiary of your policy, donating a new or existing plan, or gifting policy dividends. Donating a life insurance policy provides the opportunity to make a substantial contribution while providing you or your estate with potentially significant tax benefits.

Gift planning is an opportunity to make a lasting commitment to a cause you believe in, join our Believers Program today.

Contact us for more information, or click to download our Planned Giving Guide.

A donor’s story

In loving memory of our parents ~ Mildred and Garnet Kindervater

Our parents were born in Upper Musquodoboit, NS, in the northeastern reaches of the Musquodoboit Valley. They grew up in what many would describe as a poor farming community, but what it was, most importantly, was a place filled with love and laughter – where family came first.

For our parents, Mildred (Hutchinson) and Garnet Kindervater, home was a place that taught them about the value of giving back. That came in many forms: shovelling a neighbour’s walk, bringing a pie to a family struggling with grief, and looking after little ones while parents were away. It was about stepping up before you were ever asked.

Giving back was never about the grand gesture, and success was never about stuff. For our parents, it was about the simpler things: swimming in the local water hole, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, finding a live slug under a dead branch. Our family camp let us do all that. Our camp in Upper Musquodoboit often housed six or seven adults and our children at any given time. “The Camp” was the most wonderful place on earth and became an important memory for our kids. Brigadoon provides the opportunity for so many kids to do these same things – and much more.

Our father died in 2002. Our mother died four years later. They left us with a lifetime of memories that shaped who we are today. It was important to us to honour those memories. We decided to collectively leave a gift in one of our wills and began looking for the charity that would reflect both what our parents lived and what they loved. When someone suggested Brigadoon, we stopped looking. We knew we had found the perfect place to honour Mildred and Garnet.

Leaving a gift in a will is, frankly, easy. We also let Brigadoon know our intentions, and they have now welcomed us into their family. For that we thank them. Brigadoon Village is special, and it gives kids what our parents believed was essential to a life well-lived: love and laughter.

Let your legacy be helping give extraordinary kids a chance to be ordinary!

Brigadoon is fortunate to have community members like the Kindervater family, who truly believe in Brigadoon and is mission. By leaving a planned gift to us, it not only provides tremendous personal satisfaction and a way to ensure your legacy is remembered, but helps us to continue having a true impact on the lives of our campers for generations to come.