Welcome to BrigaAtHome – Your virtual camp fun!

Campers –  past present and future – we hear you! You’re bored and you want to think about all the fun you had (and will have) at Brigadoon. We’re here to help! Our amazing Camp Counsellors are working on some fun stay-at-home activities for you to do. Every week, we’ll add new things to this page for you to do.

ATTENTION ALL KIDS, you don’t have to be a Brigadoon camper to have fun with us! We’re here for you, too. Check out the fun things you can do at home.

P.S. We want to see what you’re up to! Take a picture while you’re doing the activity and tag us on social media!

Our staff and counsellors made you a welcome video, check it out before diving into our extraordinary activities!

Week 6, Friday: Mealtime themes!

Spice up dinnertime with these meal themes! Choose one or do all three! We’d love to see what you came up with!

Click here to see some of the fun themes to try!

Week 6, Friday: Briga-Science with Meredith!

Today, Meredith will show you three simple and fun science experiments to do at home!

Check them out here!

Week 6, Tuesday: Keep your brain active too!

Here’s your next word search to keep your brain moving!

Click here for today’s word search!

Week 6, Tuesday: Why are plants green? with Graham

Check out the video here!

Here are a few things you’ll need for this activity:

Not spicy
Wow, that’s spicy!

Week 5, Friday: Mealtime themes!

Bring a taste of camp home! Here are some fun ideas to inject some Brigadoon spirit into your mealtimes! Choose one or do all three! We’d love to see what you came up with, let’s see those photos!

Click here to see some of the fun themes to try!

Week 5, Friday: DIY Music Round 2 with Margot

Today, Margot is going to guide you through round 2 of starting your very own band by showing you how to play some awesome DIY musical instruments!

Check out the how-to video!


Week 5, Tuesday: Journaling with Brigadoon

Sometimes, especially during challenging or uncertain times, it can be really helpful to spend some time reflecting, looking for the good, and looking through your thoughts. Choose a few of these questions (maybe a few a day!) to try out and see what kinds of things you come up with!
Use the “journal prompts” page below and take some time for YOU to help get you started on your own journal.

Click here to get started on your journaling! 

Week 5, Tuesday: DIY Musical Instruments

Join Jade and start your very own band by crafting some awesome DIY musical instruments!

Week 4, Friday: Brigadoon colour pages

Make your world more colourful with our Brigadoon colour pages!

Click here for Brigadoon colour pages!


Week 4, Friday: Magic with Bill!

Do you want to impress your friends and family with an easy magic trick? Learn how to make a coin disappear with Bill!

Click here for the How-to Video

Week 4, Tuesday: Create a Day at Brigadoon!

Grab a friend or someone in your house, put your heads together, and see what kind of day at Brigadoon you can create! The sillier, the better! Don’t forget to send in your best versions, we’d love to read them, too!

Week 4, Tuesday: Cooking with Dianne Round 2

Join our extraordinary Chef Dianne for round 2, as she walks you through how to make some of Brigadoon’s most popular recipes!

Week 4: Chocolate chip cookies

Click here for the recipe

Click here for the How-to Video

Week 3, Friday: Paper stars with Maria

Learn to make paper stars with Maria!

Check out the How-To video here!

Week 3, Friday: Mealtime Questions for some fun!

For this long weekend, we’re sharing with you some of the sorts of silly and interesting questions we like to ask around the table at camp! At Brigadoon, we know that mealtimes can be about so much more than food – it’s about building connection and community, about laughing and having fun, about learning more about ourselves and others. Have some fun with these questions and feel free to share some of your best answers with us!

Check out some of our favourite questions here!

Week 3, Tuesday: Your next get moving challenge

Physical activity is so important right now, so we have your next video featuring Cassidy, who’s going to show you another way to get active.

Click here to get moving!

Week 3, Tuesday: Find your words

Take a crack at this Word Search that is all about Brigadoon

Click here for your word search

Week 2, Friday: Who wants to get moving?

Cassidy is going to show you a fun way to get up and get moving.

Click here for the fun video. Enjoy!

P.S. We hope to see some awesome videos of you doing this! Tag us @BrigadoonVillage

Week 2, Friday: Did someone say BINGO?

Grab your family and see who can get a BINGO line first! And if you’re feeling extra daring, see how many you can get done! 2 lines? 3? The whole sheet?!

Click here for your BINGO challenge!

Week 2, Tuesday: Knitting with Katy

Week 2, Tuesday: Bedtime at Brigadoon

Today’s activity will show you how we do bedtime at camp! Learn some ways the campers use this special time to reflect on their day.

Click here for Bedtime at Brigadoon activity

Week 1: Cooking with Chef Dianne

Join our extraordinary Chef Dianne as she walks you through how to make some of Brigadoon’s most popular recipes!

Week 1: Snack Rolls

Click here for the recipe

Click here for the How-to Video

Week 1: Get your scavenger on!

Here’s your Week 1 Scavenger Hunt:

Photo scavenger hunt (ages 7-11) & (ages 12+)