What do we do at camp?

Brigadoon’s programming aims to be inclusive of all campers and is customized to meet the varied needs of our diverse population.

Wondering what a day at Brigadoon Village looks like?

Our programming follows our guiding principles to create programming that includes:


Art Program

Arts programming at Brigadoon Village includes visual and performing arts. The arts enliven, enrich and invite. Our goal within arts is to express, create and discover newness through the process, not just in the end result.

At Brigadoon Village we create group or individual works through drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, textile, ceramic, mosaic, pottery, mixed media, collage, and more. Team building, cooperation, and collaboration are explored through group murals, mosaics, outdoor sculpture and textile works. The visual arts program ensures campers take home a physical reminder of their experiences at Brigadoon Village. All processes are step-by-step with clear verbal and visual instructions. No prior art training is expected.

Performing arts includes drama, dance, and music, designed to be fun and accessible for those without performing arts backgrounds. The program includes explorations around easy-to learn instruments, rhythm, song writing, campfire songs and skits, improv and other drama games, introduction to Celtic and other dance steps and creative movement.

Outdoor Education & Recreation

Outdoor recreation activities at Brigadoon Village encourage us to strengthen our connection to the natural world, to build meaningful relationships with others, and to realize that we are all more capable than we may first think. Activities such as canoeing and kayaking, archery, fire building, leadership challenges, and wilderness camping skills act as vehicles intended to build character, expand capacity and instil a sense of compassion.

After all, what would camp be without the opportunity to wake up to the call of a loon while on an overnight camping trip? Or catching a glimpse of an eagle flying over your canoe? Taking an early morning plunge into the lake, or watching the sunrise from out on the lake? Cooking bannock over a campfire, or figuring out, through trial and error, how to get your team “from here to there, using nothing but that”? And of course, the joy of just sitting around a campfire smiling, laughing, and enjoying the company of your new friends? Camp at Brigadoon Village wouldn’t be the same without these things.

Aquatics Program

The beautiful Aylesford Lake provides us with the perfect location for waterfront activities! These activities can vary depending on the group and the weather.

On most days you will find us swimming, snorkeling, lounging on floaty noodles and mats, or jumping off the raft! During inclement weather when we are not able to get in the lake, campers have the opportunity to learn about swimming safety and general first aid.

Brigadoon is a great place to enjoy the Big Canoe, tandem canoes and kayaks – we like to explore in our boats, participating in team building exercises, or keeping our eyes peeled for turtles!

Cooking & Nutrition Program

The culinary arts program at Brigadoon Village combines both outdoor and indoor cooking to create fun and exciting ways to prepare food. Our campers use the best local, fresh and healthy ingredients to make camper friendly dishes. We prepare food from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, opening up a world of flavour!

It doesn’t stop at the kitchen, campers go into the Brigadoon garden and forest to pick fruits and vegetables. Oh! And don’t forget about the iron chef competition! Working in groups, campers collaborate and construct a meal for our fabulous Brigadoon cooking panel to judge.

Outdoor Adventure

Through hands-on activities and games, Brigadoon Village’s Environmental Education Program nurtures our connection with and deepens our respect for the natural world around us.

We often embark on an exploration in the woods to awaken our senses- we may watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, meet a special tree with our sense of touch, listen and learn to identify the natural sounds around us, take in the smells of the forest, or taste a fresh strawberry from our garden. The magical, teachable moments that abound as the seasons change at Brigadoon Village are woven into our sessions.

Getting your hands dirty is strongly encouraged!