The Zinck Family

The Zinck Family

I’ll share a little about Maggie. Maggie has Autism, OCD, & generalized anxiety. She has never successfully stayed anywhere, never participated in extracurricular activities and is extremely shy. When she was 8, she lost the most influential person in her life. Her grandmother. Nan’s battle with cancer was very brief and it left Maggie torn. No time to prepare for what was to come and too young to understand why this happens to people. She was devastated.

Then came Camp Kedooopse.

Brigadoon was a scary step for us as parents, however after therapy we thought it was needed and we would take the risk. I was apprehensive and the week she was gone, I honestly expected a call to come get her.

The day of pick up, so excited to see my girl, Teary-eyed and proud. She paid no attention to us. I have never seen her so happy. She made friends. She made memories. She shared her story and listened to others. She cried for 2 solid weeks following camp because she so desperately wanted to be back there. From there on, she has counted down the sleeps to the next season and is anxiously awaiting being old enough to work there.

Brigadoon has been nothing short of amazing. The growth our daughter has experienced is phenomenal. The year following camp, Maggie has tried so many new things because of what she gained for confidence from going to camp.

All we can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for providing our children with an opportunity to grow, love, be accepted and believe. Believe in themselves, believe in their abilities, believe in their future!