A Parent's Story

Maia Gillis Camp Braveheart Camper, Age 12

Hi! My name is Maia Gillis, I’m 12 years old and I attend Brigadoon Village because I have congenital heart disease. I’ve been going to camp for 4 years, and this summer will be my 5th year! Some of the things I love to do during my time I spend at camp are swimming, cooking, drama class, talent shows and canoeing. I love my time at camp because I get to meet so many new kids who are just like me. I get to meet 4 new friends every time; I have a new bunk every time I go! I love going to Brigadoon because I get to have so much fun. Brigadoon is the best camp ever!!

Yarrow Gillis Camp Braveheart Parent

Brigadoon has allowed me to send my daughter to an overnight camp, that she would otherwise not be able to experience, where she gains tremendous independence in a very short amount of time. There is no other place where I would feel comfortable knowing that her health needs are well considered within the context of the camp environment.

Brigadoon is an amazing place where my daughter can be with others who have heart conditions just like hers, where it’s not considered out of place to need medications several times a day. The staff is fantastic, they make the kids feel so welcome and excited to take part in camp activities. Maia is excited for me to leave, and doesn’t want me to pick her up at the week’s end. She raves about so many aspects of camp life, from the food to the many activities. She looks forward to her camp all year long, counting down the days, until she can return again.