What if my child is a camper from See-Ya? 

We are happy to discuss alternate arrangements for campers who join us for these camp sessions. We are happy to offer a place in the program to campers from any of these sessions and will work out a solution on a case-by-case basis for those campers. These weeks have been chosen based on where they fall in the calendar, and based on the lower camper numbers within these camp sessions.  

What if my camper’s training week occurs immediately before their service week? 

In cases where Braveheart/Carpe Diem campers or Camp Guts & Glory/Got2Go campers have been accepted into the program and are unable to travel back and forth in between their two camp sessions, arrangements may be made for them to remain at camp in between sessions. Further details will be made available closer to the start of camp.  

What if my camper is not accepted into the program? 

In cases where it is determined that a particular camper is not a good fit for the program in 2018, we will encourage them to apply again in 2019. This camper will still have a place in their typical condition-specific camp as a camper. We may be able to find additional opportunities for this camper to take on more of a leadership role within the camp session.  

What if my camper is not old enough for the program? 

We will continue to offer the LIT Pursuit program during our camp sessions, which will be open to campers who are unable to join the program (due to age restrictions, not being accepted into the program, or other circumstances). We may look to offer additional leadership opportunities for younger campers in future years, but are unable to offer any more than this to campers under the age of 15 at this time. Campers aged 13+ are eligible to attend our off-season leadership/teen retreats taking place over New Year’s Eve and March Break.  

What will my camper’s schedule look like? 

More specific details of the program will be made available as we approach the beginning of camp.  

Who will run the program for my camper? 

Our Leadership Coordinator will be responsible for the facilitation of the program, in conjunction with several Leadership Counsellors. These staff members will facilitate training sessions, will deliver feedback on performance, and will coordinate the schedules and responsibilities of each Leadership camper.