Looking for a unique location for your next school trip? Brigadoon Village has everything you need!

Brigadoon offers diverse and exciting programming that can be tailored to fit the desired outcomes and goals of your group. When talking to your Program Coordinator about the focus of your trip, here are some examples of potential learning opportunities you may be looking to explore.

Some examples of programs include:

Archery, Outdoor Cooking, Firebuilding, Survival Skills, Orienteering, Shelter Building, Art Project, Nature Hike,  Campfire, Snowshoeing, Kicksledding, Big Canoe, Lake Swimming, Fishing, Improvisation, and more!

Meals: Every meal is prepared by our Executive Chef.  We customize our menus to meet campers’ dietary restrictions and allergies so everyone is able to eat the same delicious food. Please ensure you have collected dietary restrictions, food allergies or any other special dietary concerns 2 weeks prior to your camp arrival time. Collect this information and send to Brigadoon at least 10 days prior to your arrival.  If you are coming for a day visit and bringing your own lunch we will provide you with a location to eat lunch, garbage cans, bathrooms, etc.

Rates and Time Frames: The arrival and departure times for your trip are catered to the needs of your group and are flexible depending on your school times, bussing, etc. If you are looking to book a single day trip to Brigadoon, try to let your arrival and departure times allow for approximately 6 hours of program delivery. You are allowed to have 1 FREE chaperone/teacher for every 12-13 students       

Day Adventure                                                                 

Programming, NO FOOD

$15 per person

Day Adventure with lunch                                           

Programming, snacks, and a lunch

$25 per person

Overnight Adventure with 4 meals


Programming, meals, snacks and accommodations

$85 per person

Two night Adventure with 7 meals (dinner-breakfast-lunch-dinner-breakfast-lunch)

Programming, meals, snacks and accommodations

$125 per person

Staffing: We require that you arrive on site with approximately one chaperone per every 12-13 students. This means that you will have one staff member in attendance at every session during a program block. The teachers and chaperones are responsible for the supervision of the students during activities, while the Brigadoon staff will plan and run all the activities.