Off Season Teen Camps


Teen March Break Camp & Teen New Year’s Eve Retreat are two great ways for our older campers to connect over the off season.  These events are open to campers between the ages of 13 and 18.  After several summers at camp, most of our teen campers get to know their peers from “their camp”.  Our Off Season Teen events are open to campers from all of our various summer camps. This intermingling of campers from different camps provides older campers a different perspective on themselves and on others.  Below are some examples of how campers can benefit from our Off Season Teen events:

  • Creating connections with other campers and making new friends
  • Staying at camp with an older group of peers and more time to socialize amongst themselves 
  • Learning about other camps and different chronic illness & conditions that our campers our living with
  • Challenging themselves by trying new activities that are designed for campers to recognize their leadership potential
  • Learning to take ownership and diligence of administering their own medications
  • Participating in all the usual camp programs like Visual Arts, Outdoor Rec, Campfires etc.

If you have any question about some of our off season programs you can our Off Season Coordinator by email at or calling (902)-681-8100 ext. 221. 


Click here for our Teen New Years Eve Retreat packing list.