Imagine your first time away from home.

Imagine your first time visiting a nurse outside of a hospital.


Imagine the first time you don't have to explain your condition to others.


Imagine your first time at Brigadoon Village.

With your gift, a child will feel free to be their true self. A child will feel like everyone else for the first time in their life. An extraordinary child will have a chance to be ordinary.

You allow children, for the first time in their lives, to feel excited with anticipation to try new things. What they once only knew as a medical schedule, always feeling different and explaining their condition will turn into a schedule of fun, meeting lifelong friends, and learning how to string a bow in the archery program at Brigadoon Village.

Your gift will create a magical feeling for our campers when they discover they have nothing to lose at Brigadoon and everything to gain. You will create the opportunity for our campers to sing silly songs around the campfire amongst others who are just like them. You will turn a tapping foot and a quiet hum into dancing and singing at mealtime in our dining hall. You will empower children to know that they are not defined by their condition. Rather, they have the ability to change the world through newly acquired leadership skills, self-confidence and independence. 

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