Camp guts & glory/camp got2go | august 12 - 17, 2018

Camp Guts & Glory/Camp Got2Go is an overnight camp for children and youth ages 7-18 living with crohn's, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, an ostomy, or cecostomy. Campers ages 16-18 can join our Leaders in Training (LIT) program. 

Campers take part in a variety of specialized activities including: canoeing, drama, cooking, environmental education, outdoor recreation, fine arts, swimming and most importantly meeting another child or youth who shares a similar experiences. 

Food sensitivities or special diet? Tube feed or ostomy? Brigadoon Village aims to be inclusive of all campers with dietary restrictions and health concerns. The menus for each camp are carefully planned by our Executive Chef and a paediatric dietitian from the IWK Health Centre.

Application deadline for Camp Guts & Glory: July 15

Application deadline for Camp Got2Go: July 1

For more information please contact Sandy Morrow at: or by phoning 1-888-471-5666.